Sash Windows Wandsworth Offer a Full Windows Repair Services

Although our main concern is to repair the original sash window, Sash Windows Wandsworth will improve the usability of the windows as well. We find at Sash Windows Wandsworth that doing jobs in compliance with the tried & trusted list works well with repairs but sometimes the damage is such that the following list is not required: During Sash Windows Wandsworth repair services we choose to apply a specialist sealant that significantly decreases both draught and air leakage.

Sash Windows Wandsworth Offer Gaurenteed Repairs

If you chose to ask Sash Windows Wandsworth skillfully restore your existing sash window, you may see a great improvement in their overall efficiency, which includes significant noise or draught reduction and soundproofing. By removing the current sash from your window frame, Sash Windows Wandsworth can later on begin the repair job that is needed. Some of the benefits of Sash Windows Wandsworth repairing your window can include a decrease in draught and rattling, raised property worth and reduced energy bills.

We Can Repair All Types of Sash Windows

A repair to your sash windows also carried out by Sash Windows Wandsworth allows that you can decide on any new decorative alterations to their look. Sash Windows Wandsworth will clean the window joints, taking away any rotten wood and insert new resin or wood into the sash frame. To reduce draught from your sash windows and increase their general efficiency, Sash Windows Wandsworth offer fantastic draught proofing services that will be of crucial value .


By allowing Sash Windows Wandsworth to carry out little repair work in your home, we can almost certainly rectify any usual difficulties associated with sash windows. The sash itself will be industriously sanded and primed by the Sash Windows Wandsworth craftsman Prior to the window being reinstalled and pained. By using supreme tools witin modern procedures on the market and calling upon years of experience, Sash Windows Wandsworth are sure we are able to renew the most part of decay or deterioration samples that are present with sash windows.

Sash Windows Wandsworth Are The Company to Trust

Complete or partial window replacement by Sash Windows Wandsworth may be a possibility to mull over if experiencing forbidding disturbance or decay to your sash windows. Before Sash Windows Wandsworth reinstate the sash into its frame, we will install new hardware, replace weather-strips, chains and cords, and easily counterbalance and smoothen the pulleys. The majority of repair work that the suggestion we have is at Sash Windows Wandsworth results in your windows looking as if they didn�t look better even in the store or as though they were brand new.